Meditation Tracker 1.6

Meditation Tracker 1.7


Meditation Tracker 1.7 is a complete overhaul of the user interface and much of the original code base.

  • UI Improvements
    • UI: Alternating row highlighting on log listview.
    • UI: Visual Elements now hide when the timer is active.
    • UI: Removed all uses of AlertDialog
    • UI: Resolved the issue with Table Headers and Columns not lining up.
  • General Code Improvements for stability / best practice¬†/ readability
  • Updated theme
  • Fixed time not showing past the second’s placeholder
  • Implemented delete journal items
  • Fixed delete profile
  • Resolved issue with journal text not saving on edited logs.
  • Added appbar import/export fragment
  • Implemented database import/export.
  • Resolved deleted profiles not being removed from¬† profiles list
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