Fuel Log

Fuel Log Released.

Fuel Log This release fixes some issues caused on some specific devices. along with some interface changes and improvements.

Code Improvements:

  • Code consolidation / simplification
  • Code Modularization.


  • Backups: Complete overhaul of the backups. The initial code was more out of necessity rather than usability. Making a backup remains the same. However, restoring a backup now asks for a file to use as input. .db file filtering is next.
  • DatabaseHelper->copyDatabase() to check and create database paths before copying.( Caused a crash on some devices)
  • FileManager: Complete rewrite of the file manager. When restoring now prompts to select a database file instead of it being hardcoded.
  • Garage: Other visual elements are now hidden when creating a new vehicle during the first run.
  • Resolved cursor out of bounds error when running on some devices.

UI Improvements / Changes

  • Garage: Clicking save now closes the soft keyboard, and scrolls to the bottom of the form.
  • Garage: New Vehicle: The add vehicle button is now hidden when the form is open.
  • Backups: The buttons now also act as the notification, changing background color and text.
  • Settings: Added ScrollView
  • General: Adjusted text colors
  • General: Adjusted fill colors on vector drawables
  • General: Added cancel button to the fuel log entry form.
Meditation Tracker 1.6

Meditation Tracker overhaul is being release SOON!

Meditation Tracker has been placed on the back burner for some time, while I worked on other projects. This was not a total loss though, I worked on Meditation Tracker in various ways while working other projects.


Meditation 1.6 Tracker Main Screen
Main Screen Journal Editor Profiles Manager



Meditation Tracker 1.6

Meditation Tracker 1.7


Meditation Tracker 1.7 is a complete overhaul of the user interface and much of the original code base.

  • UI Improvements
    • UI: Alternating row highlighting on log listview.
    • UI: Visual Elements now hide when the timer is active.
    • UI: Removed all uses of AlertDialog
    • UI: Resolved the issue with Table Headers and Columns not lining up.
  • General Code Improvements for stability / best practice¬†/ readability
  • Updated theme
  • Fixed time not showing past the second’s placeholder
  • Implemented delete journal items
  • Fixed delete profile
  • Resolved issue with journal text not saving on edited logs.
  • Added appbar import/export fragment
  • Implemented database import/export.
  • Resolved deleted profiles not being removed from¬† profiles list
Fuel Log

Fuel Log 1.3 Released

Fuel Log 1.3 Released

Fuel Log 1.3 has been released

Change Log:

  • Minor UI Improvements
  • Resolved Issue with certain cars causing a crash when re-entering the garage.
  • Minor Code Improvements
Fuel Log

Fuel Log 1.2 Released

Fuel Log 1.2 Released

Fuel Log 1.2 has been released

Change Log:

  • UI Improvements
    • Replaced some clickable images with buttons
    • Adjusted Margins and/or padding values
    • Increased some font sizes
  • Implemented default Vin (“123VIN456”) and license plate (“vehiclename01”) values.
  • General Code Improvements for stability and readability.
  • Fixed issue with requesting permission.
  • Added Demo Vehicle
  • Implemented Active Vehicle
  • Fixed the “orderBy” for how log items are sorted. multiple refills on the same day were not sorting properly.
  • Fixed Default Vehicle not setting correctly
  • Fixed issue with miles this tank and miles per gallon not calculating properly in certain circumstances.
  • Fixed Backup “back button” not working properly
  • Fixed About “back button” not working properly
  • Implemented delete log
  • changed new/edit vehicle save/delete/cancel from images to buttons.
  • Re-worked code to remove/reduce AlertDialogs
  • Fixed calculation issue with first fuel log item
  • Fixed fuel log not loading properly

Screen Shots:

Fuel Log 1.2 - Main Screen

Fuel Log 1.2 – Main Screen

Fuel Log 1.2 - Garage

Fuel Log 1.2 – Garage

Fuel Log 1.2 - Log Entry

Fuel Log 1.2 – Log Entry


Birdbrain Software


Hello and welcome to Birdbrain Software. Birdbrain Software is a Micro-ISV where I try to build software for various needs I see. Generally, things inspired from my own life but sometimes from outward observations as well. Most of what I write is for android but that may change as needed. Currently, Fuel Log and Meditation Tracker (Soon to be Wellness Journal?), are my primary focus at the moment but I have many, many, more I’m working on in the background that hopefully will come out sooner rather than later.