Meditation Tracker 1.6

Meditation Tracker overhaul is being release SOON!

Meditation Tracker has been placed on the back burner for some time, while I worked on other projects. This was not a total loss though, I worked on Meditation Tracker in various ways while working other projects.


Meditation 1.6 Tracker Main Screen
Main Screen Journal Editor Profiles Manager



Meditation Tracker 1.6

Meditation Tracker 1.7


Meditation Tracker 1.7 is a complete overhaul of the user interface and much of the original code base.

  • UI Improvements
    • UI: Alternating row highlighting on log listview.
    • UI: Visual Elements now hide when the timer is active.
    • UI: Removed all uses of AlertDialog
    • UI: Resolved the issue with Table Headers and Columns not lining up.
  • General Code Improvements for stability / best practice¬†/ readability
  • Updated theme
  • Fixed time not showing past the second’s placeholder
  • Implemented delete journal items
  • Fixed delete profile
  • Resolved issue with journal text not saving on edited logs.
  • Added appbar import/export fragment
  • Implemented database import/export.
  • Resolved deleted profiles not being removed from¬† profiles list