Fuel Log

Fuel Log Released.

Fuel Log This release fixes some issues caused on some specific devices. along with some interface changes and improvements.

Code Improvements:

  • Code consolidation / simplification
  • Code Modularization.


  • Backups: Complete overhaul of the backups. The initial code was more out of necessity rather than usability. Making a backup remains the same. However, restoring a backup now asks for a file to use as input. .db file filtering is next.
  • DatabaseHelper->copyDatabase() to check and create database paths before copying.( Caused a crash on some devices)
  • FileManager: Complete rewrite of the file manager. When restoring now prompts to select a database file instead of it being hardcoded.
  • Garage: Other visual elements are now hidden when creating a new vehicle during the first run.
  • Resolved cursor out of bounds error when running on some devices.

UI Improvements / Changes

  • Garage: Clicking save now closes the soft keyboard, and scrolls to the bottom of the form.
  • Garage: New Vehicle: The add vehicle button is now hidden when the form is open.
  • Backups: The buttons now also act as the notification, changing background color and text.
  • Settings: Added ScrollView
  • General: Adjusted text colors
  • General: Adjusted fill colors on vector drawables
  • General: Added cancel button to the fuel log entry form.
Fuel Log

Fuel Log 1.5.3 Released.

1.5.3 – Minor update to resolve some visual issues, and some bugs, specific to specific devices / Android versions.

  • Fixed: FloatingActionButton causing a crash in Android 5.0 / Android 6.0
  • Fixed: Actionable accessibility issues.
  • Fixed: Crash when opening FileExplorer form
  • UI: Settings Screen: added Default Vehicle label
  • UI: Settings Screen: added Display Name label
  • UI: Settings Screen: added Backup Location label
  • UI: Optimized app_Bar Usage
  • UI: Changed the cancel button color.
Fuel Log

FuelLog 1.5 – Released to beta track

1.5 – This release contains several bug fixes, improvements to the user interface, general code improvements, and laying the groundwork for future features and improvements.

Code Improvements

  • Code consolidation.
  • Code modularisation.
  • Code simplification.


  • Removed Alert Dialog…Backups fragment.
  • Increased the size of all spinner text.
  • Set status bar color.


  • The month being presented 1 month behind


  • Settings:
    • Check for “download” vs “downloads”
  • Database:
    • Database upgrade system.