Fuel Log (beta)


Tracking vehicle fuel consumption and refills is a useful habit that can reveal hidden issues with your car. It can determine miles per gallon (mpg) based on your driving type, conditions, and personal driving style.

Screen Shots

Fuel Log 1.2 - Garage Fuel Log 1.2 - Main Screen Fuel Log 1.2 - Log Entry
Fuel Log 1.2 - Garage Fuel Log 1.2 - Main Screen Fuel Log 1.2 - Log Entry

Change Log

Code Improvements:

  • Code consolidation / simplification
  • Code Modularization.


  • Backups: Complete overhaul of the backups. The initial code was more out of necessity rather than usability. Making a backup remains the same. However, restoring a backup now asks for a file to use as input. .db file filtering is next.
  • DatabaseHelper->copyDatabase() to check and create database paths before copying.( Caused a crash on some devices)
  • FileManager: Complete rewrite of the file manager. When restoring now prompts to select a database file instead of it being hardcoded.
  • Garage: Other visual elements are now hidden when creating a new vehicle during the first run.
  • Resolved cursor out of bounds error when running on some devices.

UI Improvements / Changes

  • Garage: Clicking save now closes the soft keyboard, and scrolls to the bottom of the form.
  • Garage: New Vehicle: The add vehicle button is now hidden when the form is open.
  • Backups: The buttons now also act as the notification, changing background color and text.
  • Settings: Added ScrollView
  • General: Adjusted text colors
  • General: Adjusted fill colors on vector drawables
  • General: Added cancel button to the fuel log entry form.

Change Log 1.5.3


  • Fixed: FloatingActionButton causing a crash in Android 5.0 / Android 6.0
  • Fixed: Actionable accessibility issues.
  • Fixed: Crash when opening FileExplorer form
  • UI: Settings Screen: added Default Vehicle label
  • UI: Settings Screen: added Display Name label
  • UI: Settings Screen: added Backup Location label
  • UI: Optimized app_Bar Usage
  • UI: Changed the cancel button color.

Change Log 1.5

1.5 - Released to Beta release track.

Code Improvements

  • Code consolidation.
  • Code modularisation.
  • Code simplification.


  • Removed Alert Dialog...Backups fragment.
  • Increased the size of all spinner text.
  • Set status bar color.


  • The month being presented 1 month behind


  • Settings:
    • Check for “download” vs “downloads”
  • Database:
    • Database upgrade system.

Change Log 1.4

1.4 - This release resolves an issue with deleting vehicles from the garage. Along with some interface changes and improvements.

  • General Code Improvements
    • Code consolidation.
    • Code modularisation.
    • Code simplification.
  • General UI Improvements
    • Added vehicle image button on the main screen
    • Implemented fuel log staggered list view tint.
    • Implemented fuel log staggered list view tint.
    • Created save controls module
    • Created confirmation controls module
  • Fixed:
    • Crash when deleting vehicles from the garage.

Change Log 1.3


  • Minor UI Improvements
  • Resolved issue with certain cars causing a crash when re-entering the garage.
  • Minor code improvements.

Change Log 1.2


  • Fixed: Permissions!
  • Fixed: Settings → Default Vehicle is not setting the default.
  • Fixed: Backup “back button”
  • Fixed: About “back button”
  • Fixed:Calculation issue with first fuel log item
  • Fixed:fuel log not loading properly
  • Fixed: miles this tank and miles per gallon not calculating!
  • Fixed order by in tables.
  • Default VIN and Licence plate values.
  • First Run → New Vehicle → No prompt for set default.
  • General Code Improvements
  • Made sure updating the fuel log keeps the original date!
  • Added Demo Vehicle!
  • Implemented Active Vehicle
  • UI Improvements
    • Replaced some Images with Buttons
    • adjusted Margins and padding
    • Increased Font sizes
  • Implemented Delete log
  • Changed vehicle save/delete/cancel to buttons